Liquid Fertilizer for Sugarcane Cultivation FK-3S

FK-3S Liquid Fertilizer

For in crease CCS and Sugarcane Yield

Sugarcane Cultivation

FK-3, The “S” stands for the “Sugarcane”. FK-3S provide direct nourishment to sugarcane, for in crease CCS (Commercial Cane Sugar) and sugarcane yield.


You need to use the FK-1 in the germination stage of the plant before using FK-3 in accelerated yield stage.

FK Liquid Fertilizer for sugarcane cultivation serve different purposes with other fertilizer. The purpose of FK Liquid Fertilizers is to provide direct nourishment for your plants, not for adding the microorganisms to your soil same like other fertilizer. Of course, your plants will directly get the primary nutrient, secondary nutrient and micronutrient immediately. Plants will grow rapidly and high immunity.

sugarcane cultivation liquid fertilizer

FK-3S for sugarcane cultivation is high concentrations liquid fertilizer. In one box (2 Kilograms) consist of 2 bags (1 Kilogram per bag), fist is Buakaew and second is K1. Please study details below.

In one box consist of 2 bags

liquid fertilizer for sugarcane cultivation Buakaew
Buakaew (Primary Nutrient)
N-P-K | 5-10-40

K1Secondary Nutrient & Microutrient


High Potassium up to 40%, It also provides Nitrogen and phosphorus In quantities sufficient to meet the needs of the plant in the period of accumulation starch and sugar in order to become the yield. FK-3S for Sugarcane Cultivation also has secondary nutrient, micronutrient it is necessary for the growth of plants.

FK Fertilizer – Performance Graph

sugarcane cultivation liquid fertilizer Performance Graph

Consider the following graph

Liquid Fertilizer for Sugarcane Cultivation FK-3S has primary nutrient N-P-K formula = 5-10-40 that is higher than the average of the general fertilizer formula. This is the reason why in 1st day to 7th days FK Fertilizer (orange line on graph) is has performance better than general chemical fertilizer (purple line on chart)

The weakness of chemical fertilizers

Although chemical fertilizers release nutrients faster than organic fertilizers. But on the other hand, nutrient gone quickly as well. From the graph you can see that on the 14th of chemical fertilizers release nutrients exhausted. But organic fertilizers still continuous provide nutrients.

FK Fertilizer is designed to solve this problem

Secondary and micronutrient elements are essential for plant growth. It was pulled from the soil in every crop. Some nutrient can not spontaneous in the soil. The absence of some nutrients will become a constraint to growth of plants, according to “Low of the minimum”. FK Fertilizer rich in secondary nutrient and micronutrient which make the plants growth continuously. It also provides some nutrients elements that the organic fertilizer can not give up.


For 20 liters of water, mix with Buakaew 50 grams and K1 50 grams.
For 200 liters of water, mix with Buakaew 500 grams and K1 500 grams.
Foliar spray to the plants every 20-30 days.

Caution (Very important!)

Must be spraying on time is no sunlight otherwise, it may cause leaf scald. For example spray to finish before 6:00 o’clock Or start spraying after 17:00 o’clock. Or spray on the day that you ensure there is no sunlight.

Law of the Minimum


Justus von Liebig’s Law of the Minimum states that yield is proportional to the amount of the most limiting nutrient, whichever nutrient it may be. From this, it may be inferred that if the deficient nutrient is supplied, yields may be improved to the point that some other nutrient is needed in greater quantity than the soil can provide, and the Law of the Minimum would apply in turn to that nutrient.


At the time of our research and development of FK Liquid Fertilizer, we very concerned on the “Law of the Minimum”. That’s reason to driven us to develop the “FK Liquid Fertilizer” that includes the nutrients in its entirety, consist of the primary nutrient, secondary nutrient and micronutrient.

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