Durian or “Turian”


Considered to be the ‘King of Thai Fruits’, Thais prefer a durian that is just ripe. The flesh should be slightly soft to the touch but without being crunchy.

Durian is without a doubt, an acquired taste. For the first taste of durian, Mon Tong or the Golden Pillow Durian with its light creamy texture is the mildest of the durians and is widely available throughout Thailand.

Alternatively some of the other milder options include Durian ice-cream or Khao Nieow Turian – Sticky Rice topped with durian meat cooked in a coconut cream sauce, and Turian Kuan, a preserved durian toffee, or jams.

Kahn Yaow or the Long-Stem Durian with firmer yellow flesh and Chanee or Gibbon Durian with its golden yellow flesh have a richer and more distinctive flavour and is much sought after by true durian connoisseurs, although in the city, it is becoming an increasingly rare commodity.

The best durian is judged by the thickness of the flesh and the size of its seed.

(The smaller the seed relative to the amount of flesh, the better.)

Durian ripens quickly in the hot tropical climate. As the fruit ripens, the flesh takes on a creamy consistency and the intensity of the aroma increases. (Given this lingering and at times overwhelming aroma, durian is banned from hotel rooms, cinemas, aircraft, limousines, coaches and vans.)

The best durian are from the orchards of the Eastern provinces of Thailand namely Rayong, Trat, Prachin Buri, Chanthaburi and Surat and Chumphon in southern Thailand.

durian Cha-nee

Durian Cha-nee

Shape: the base tapers to a point at the stalk, the tip is broad and obtuse

Weight: 2-4 kgs.

Color: mature fruit-greenish-brown; flesh-golden yellow

Taste: sweet

durian Gahn-yao

Durian Gahn-yao

Shape: globular

Weight: 2-5 kgs.

Color: mature fruit-greenish-brown; flesh-creamy yellow

Taste: sweet, firm and mellow

durian Gra-doom

Durian Gra-doom-tawng

Shape: globular

Weight: 1.5-3.0 kgs.

Color: mature fruit-greenish-brown; flesh-intense yellow

Taste: sweet, firm and mellow

durian Mawn-tawng

Durian Mawn-tawng

Shape: elongated, the base has a pronounced beak

Weight: 2-5 kgs.

Color: mature fruit-golden-yellow-brown; flesh-creamy yellow

Taste: sweet

Preparation and eating

The fruit ready for eating must have a good smell.
Slit the fruit with a knife from end to end, along two of the grooves in the skin in the centre of the sections, on opposite sides of the fruit.
Pries apart the slits to open the fruit.
Separate the sections
Take out the segments and remove the seed.
Nutritional value: High vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus

Fruiting season: May – August

Uses: Eating fresh, making durian paste

Storage: Keep the ripe fruit at room temperature (25-30 Celsius degree), it can be kept for 2-5 days.

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