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What we do?


We do..

Fertilizer products research and development

Liquid fertilizer research and development

FarmKaset.ORG has supported by Science Park UBU joint to research and development of high-quality fertilizer as well as packaging, branding and distribute to market under the “FK” brand.

Our product is “high concentrations liquid fertilizer in soluble powders form”

See “FK fertilizer products


We do..

Manufacturing – High production capacity

manufacturer of liquid fertilizer

Distribute of production to the manufacturer partner. Manufactured under our formula and our copyright license.


We do..

Digital marketing And delivered nationwide (in Thailand)

liquid fertilizer distribution via lazada thailand

FarmKaset.ORG is partner with the (Lazada Thailand) marketed by Digital Marketing to distribute FK brand fertilizer and home delivery to all provinces in Thailand. Customer can cash payment at them home while receive goods and also can pay online with credit card while they make an order on the LAZADA and/or FarmKaset.ORG website.


We do..
Find the business partner
Welcome CLMV to be our distribution partner

Export liquid fertilizer to CLMV

We want to be partner with company from CLMV – Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam. If you interested to be distributor of “FK” fertilizer products please do not hesitate to contact us.

Other all countries, we are also welcome to be our business partner.

Other services from us

We do..

Agricultural knowledge base and contents provider

FarmKaset Limited Partnership has developed FarmKaset.ORG website. FarmKaset.ORG is popular website related to agriculture in Thailand. the website provide many contents about planting and farming.

website : FarmKaset.ORG


Who we are?

FK-Logo-120FK Logo – FarmKaset.ORG

FarmKaset Limited Partnership is Agri-tech startup business under the supervision of Science Park Office in Ubon Ratchathani University.

Science Park UbonScience Park UBU

 UBUUbon Ratchatani University

Science Park conducted research and development liquid fertilizer for us. With the knowledge accumulated over many years and academics with specific expertise. That the reason why, we have the best products.

Our product is “high concentrations liquid fertilizer in soluble powders form” distributed under brand name “FK”.


Where we live?

FarmKaset Limited Partnership

18 Moo 6

Tambon Bung, Amphur Muang Amnat-Charoen

Amnat-Charoen Province, Thailand 3700

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Ms.Piyamas Buakaew

Lind ID: primpb

Tel: +6689-459-9003

[email protected]
[email protected]